The B-Less Scholarship

The B-Less scholarship is a one-year award of £2,000 designed to facilitate the sustained engagement in focused ministry opportunities among undergraduates for students working towards a graduate degree. Placements provide scholars with the chance to serve alongside, and learn from, practiced hands in context.

Ministry opportunities

Ministry placements are assigned on the basis of individual scholars’ gifts and availabilities from a portfolio of options in consultation with our ministry partners.

Scholars can be deployed in evangelistic contexts (e.g. table leadership at weekly evangelistic discussion clubs, supporting college-based outreach throughout the academic year including mission weeks and seasonal events), in faculty ministry contexts (e.g. supporting undergraduate theologians and philosophers through participation in the UCCF theology Network group), and by contributing to church-based student ministry opportunities (working in partnering with the pastoral staff at Oxford Evangelical Presbyterian Church).

Training and Teamwork Opportunities

Colloquia and one-on-one supervisions serve to develop and nurture each scholar’s vision for usefulness among undergraduates integrating the programme into their larger postgraduate educational experience and creating opportunities to review progress. We plan to arrange annual conferences in the hope of generating an original and adaptable point of view on graduate ministry among undergraduates with potential applications to institutions beyond Oxford.

This year’s scholars

This year we have eleven outstanding scholars studying and serving in and around Oxford and Bath Universities.


To apply for the B-Less Scholarship, please download and complete the PDF application form: