What we do

Noticing the impact that just one very ordinary graduate student can have on a whole cohort of undergraduates by focusing deliberately on interpersonal encouragement and support their efforts in evangelism, the donors who funded Neil’s doctoral research have now set aside funds seeking to replicate this experience by training and deploying multiple graduate students at the same time on an apprenticeship model.

Beginning with students in Neil’s own discipline of theology, B-Less encourages and equips graduate students to make prayerful commitments of time and energy to

  • Faculty groups integrating graduate and undergraduate students
  • Evangelistic discussion clubs
  • Annual mission events
  • Undergraduate Christian Union activities
  • Church student groups

B-Less also encourages graduate students, through their writing and teaching, to engage in the challenge of integrating academic questions into the life of the gospel communities in which they participate, and gospel questions into the pursuit of their academic studies.